Singer, multiinstrumentalist, researcher… Héctor Braga is the most multifaceted figure in Asturian music and an artist of wide international projection. His musical projects, both individually and in band setting are an icon of the celtic and medieval footprint in Asturian culture and an example of universal musical excellence.

Héctor Braga (por Carlos Garna)

His great reputation in the musical field was marked from his childhood. A precocious musician, he was already playing in a local orchestra at the age of six, and soon after he began his academic studies (with honorable mention). At the age of 15 he was invited to record for the Nalón Orchestra as a soloist, and at the age of 20 the National Radio of Spain broadcast his first symphonic work, «Alborá», on International Music Day.

In addition, he graduated in Cello and Bagpipes (Superior Conservatory of Oviedo), Ethnomusicology (Superior Conservatory of Salamanca), PhD in Musicology and Master in Music and Communication (University of Oviedo).

But Héctor is a musician rooted in his land, capable of investigating what his ancestors left behind and making it evolve into the future. He grew up with the oral tradition of a free song, the «Asturianada», with historical singers from his native valley, the mineral region of Nalón. Today he is considered one of the best interpreters of this genre. In addition to his great talent as a singer, he is also a virtuoso on the harp, bagpipes, hurdy-gurdy or violin, among others; His talent has been rewarded on numerous occasions with numerous awards and special mentions in international competitions, as well as 7 consecutive nominations as the best instrumentalist in Asturias at the AMAS Music Awards (Spanish version of our Victorias de la Música).

The extraordinary combination of voice and instruments is his hallmark, and his appearances on radio and television have made him a recognized media artist in his country. His musical research work can be heard through his discography, on albums such as «Encoplando» (2004) or «» (2008), which received the RPA Critics Award for Best Album of «Asturianada» of the year. At the same time, he published other projects such as Caminos del Mundu (Critics Award for Best Folk Album 2010), with influences close to folk-rock and large-format commercial music. His talent and skill have led him to become an artist with a capital A, a true speaker who emanates energy and charisma during his concerts.

Performer, ethno-musicologist, composer … Héctor Braga’s music is based on that of his ancestors to travel from the local to the global. Going through stages around the world, following in the wake of world folk music.



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